25 August, 2013

Hadhramout's Wonderful Sunsets 1

Who doesn't like gazing at sunsets? There is some thing about sunsets that is truly mesmerizing and soothing. That fills one with awe and wonder; and at the same is extremely attractive to the eyes and mind. Some of the most wonderful and most stunning sunsets can only be seen in deserts. Hot deserts. Be it in sandy or mountainous, barren deserts. Hadhramout is mainly desert and barren. And sunsets are magnificent on most days.

Looking at the above two photos, you might think that they were taken in a green, lush place. I took these photos in a barren, mountainous part of Hadhramaut, with very few trees around. When the sun sets in deserts, the colors of the area around the sun keep changing fast; providing such a magical spectacle that one can't help be awed. Each sunset is utterly and marvelously different from another. Exclusive. Priceless. And completely free for viewing.