07 February, 2013

Site Of Note: Khaleafa.com

Although Islam has many rules, and is very particular, about the environment and wildlife; though there are many verses in the Noble Qur'an and there are several Hadiths in relation to the environment and wildlife - most Muslims are not environmentally conscious or aware; and most are not active in sustaining or protecting it. In fact, when it comes to protecting the environment and wildlife, most Muslim countries, with the exception of Malaysia, rank poorest.

It is thus very refreshing and comforting to find a Muslim managed website that focuses wholly on the environment, wildlife and healthy living - with Islam in mind. Khaleafa.com is that enlightening site. The very rich Arabian Gulf countries, who, worldwide, rank highest as environmental polluters have not come up with such a site. As usual, it had to be some one or an organization from a Western country to initiate such. Khaleafa.com is Canadian based; and while the website is mainly focused on issues in Canada - most of its articles and the causes it promotes are relevant worldwide. Especially to anmd for Muslims.

+ An Islamic Approach to the Environment