26 October, 2012

Facts on Hadhramaut

Hadhramout or Hadhramaut or Hadhramawt or Hadhramot or Hadramot or spelt in many other forms is the same Hadhramout:
  • A region in South-Eastern Yemen in Southern Arabia
  • It is the largest province in Yemen 
  • It has an area of about 151,514 sq km. (about 58,500 sq mi) - extending about 640 km
  • North of its border is Saudi Arabia, South is the Arabian Sea, West is Shabwa and in the East are Mahra and Oman
  • It has a long, beautiful coastline, in some parts narrow and in some wide
  • It is a region with many valleys, with the most known being Wadi Hadhramout
  • Its highest point is about 1,400 meters (about 4593 feet) above sea level
  • Its lowest point is reportedly 60 meters (about 200 feet) below sea level in Wadi Hadhramaut
  • Wadi Hadhramaut is one of the most fertile region in the world
  • Hadhramout has one of the largest underground water resources in the Middle East
  • On its south is the Arabian Desert and the Rub El Khali
  • Its most populated and main city is Al Mukalla and is where its main airport and seaport are
  • The people of Hadhramaut are called Hadharem or some call them Hadhrami
  • It is the Hadharem who very much helped in the introduction and the spread of Islam in South and South East Asia, and Eastern Africa
  • Most Hadharem live out of Hadhramout with the largest number living in Indonesia
Hadhramout has a very long, ancient history and civilization. It is mentioned in both the Noble Qur'an and the Holly Bible.