04 March, 2012

From Peace of Mind to Back on Line

For the last one or so month, I have had no access to the Internet. What a relief that can be and how peaceful that has been. Best of all - I have been spending much time with the family and watching very little news. With all the upheavals in many parts of  the Middle East and mainly news of suffering and misery in this part of the world, it is some times best to avoid all news.

As of news: which TV or other media channel does one trust? There are so many now. On TV there are: National news channels, the BBC, CCTV, France24, Euronews, DW-TV, Press TV, Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya, AlAlam, Russia Today, CNN and many others. All competing to give their side and perspectives of what is happening. All presenting facts and events to suit their owners' interpretations and agendas. Of all places, in the last one year - no where else have events been as much shaped and directed by the news media as around the Middle East.

As peaceful and relaxing as it is not having Internet access - life, today, seems incomplete without it: the Internet. Still, even with Internet access, one can have peace of mind. Especially if your favorites sites induce peace of mind. Even with the Internet - one can have an Island Of Peace. But nothing can be as relaxing and as satisfying as not having Internet; as not listening or reading the news; and most of all - as giving time and spending time with family. Especially if that time is spent outdoors and around wildlife.