17 January, 2012

Hadhramaut and the fight against Cancer

Hadhramout Cancer Foundation
Of all diseases; of all ailments - no other compares to cancer. It is only when you have it or someone close to you, has it; it is only then you realize how unsettling to the mind it is; how demanding it is to the person suffering and all those who love and care for the sufferer; and how unbelievably very expensive the medications and the treatment are - that you realize why the word 'fight' is used when describing going through and struggling against cancer. Indeed, it is a fight. In Hadhramout, several means have been set up to help in treating and facing up to this dreaded disease.

There is the Hadhramout Cancer Foundation (HFC): set up about six years ago; it is a charitable trust funded by well wishers and philanthropists in Hadhramawt and around the region. And there is the Hadhramout Cancer Society, which helps in the raising of funds and the building of awareness against the disease. Especially awareness on breast cancer. Seminars, workshops and campaigns are organized and promoted to inform people on cancer; and the dangers of tobacco and smoking; and the chewing of qat. Although Hadhramaut lacks proper resources and facilities in handling and managing the disease, philanthropists and well wishers in the province and in the region have made it possible for cancer patients - not only in Hadhramout, but in neighboring provinces too - to get assistance and feel very hopeful.