04 December, 2011

You may not be here.......

Of my children, my youngest daughter, not only does very well in school in mathematics and the sciences, but she is also turning out to be very gifted: she is a good painter and loves reading and writing poetry. She is also an avid listener of European classical music. A few days ago, she sent me this very comforting poem:

You may not be here to hear me say,
That grateful I am everyday,
To have your support come what may,
And this indeed makes me gay.

Glad to have your love and care,
Others posses hearts but bare,
And forever shall it be my prayer,
That one day this bliss we shall share

Skies may not always be blue,
But a promise I'll make to you,
And I hope you'll make it too,
That we'll always stick like glue.

Worlds apart we may be,
Seems more like an axe upon a tree,
Truth is we cannot flee,
But one day meet shall we. Insha Allah...

Nothing is as fulfilling in life as having children. Except - seeing those children grow up into normal, healthy, productive and secure people. It becomes even more fulfilling and comforting, if your children get caring and responsible spouses. From and for a parent, nothing is as important as teaching and giving them the best: knowledge, discipline and integrity. It is these, with a good health that make people either strong or weak. Either successful or failures. And either be respected or disregarded. How each of my children grow up and turn out to be, will very much reflect at how, as a parent, I have been and I am.