06 December, 2011

Site of Note: Itto's Living Faith

 Itto's Living Faith
Once in a while, I come across a unique blog that I find absorbing and interesting. It is long since I found one. A few days ago I found such a blog. Normally, I lose interest very fast with blogs that are too personal and have too many 'Is' and 'mes'. But, this one - as simple as it is - even with the many 'Is', 'mes', 'wes' and 'ours' - I have been immensely enjoying reading. It is a blog by a German woman who has converted to Islam.

A woman who loves 'green living'. Is an interior architect and  the 'manager of an independent school'. She lives with her Berber husband and her three children - high up in the Moroccan Atlas mountains. Of her blog, she says it is about a life dedicated to God, close to nature and full of different activities. It is about my personal experiences – mostly focused on the good and the beauty within – and it is about our family of five trying to live a natural, simple, self-sufficient and sustainable life in the remote mountains. It is a blog about belief in Allah and in Islam and about a whole living worship to Him. It is about gratitude for the little things and about growing in the faith every day. It is about conscious living and about mindful parenting with all its ups and downs. And it is about our incredibly joyous daughter who is hearing impaired, mashallah, and with who we are on a meaningful learning path.

Go to the blog, and if you love families, mountains, 'green living', the adventurous, spirituality and reading absorbing stories; and if you love Morocco the way I do - this site will truly interest you. In this blog, you will find wonderful, one-of-a-kind photos; poetry, wisdom and the joys and the hardships of a mother. A mother who has chosen such a simple life in such a remote place. Yet she is very fulfilled. And she is at peace: with herself, with her family and with her surroundings. A woman, who, after reading a few posts from her site - will win your respect and admiration.