20 September, 2011

The Dead Sea is indeed an extraordinary Wonder

In a country with many wonders - the Dead Sea, Bahr-al-Mayyit, is indeed an extraordinary Wonder. Like all extraordinary things, it is mainly by knowing or seeing or experiencing it that you really come to appreciate it. It was only during and after my first visit to the extraordinary Sea, entering it and experiencing it, that I could truly understand and appreciate the Sea's incredible uniqueness and greatness. After my first visit there in 2009, I wrote:
The Dead Sea, or Bahr-al-Mayyit, is literally dying. Experts say: in another thirty years or so, the Sea of mysteries, legends and miracles - might be no more. Famous and popular for its mud's healing and rejuvenating powers, the Sea is undoubtedly the largest natural spa in the World. Facts about the Dead Sea are incredible and phenomenal. Religion, legendary Prophets and the Dead Sea Scrolls aside, the Dead Sea is: 33% salt and 430 meters or so below sea level; over 50 hot mineral springs lying at a depth closest to the Earth's minerals at about 1,500 meters deep, brings the salt to the Sea's surface; and hot and sunny, the Sea creates an incredible atmospheric filter that eliminates much of the burning rays of the heat and the Sun - that you can never get sunburn here but you can only get tanned.
Facts about the Dead Sea are mind boggling. It has been and is called not only a wonder but a miracle too. It has many reasons: its history, its geography, its features and its health benefits - for it to be one of the world's greatest natural phenomenons. At the rate the Dead Sea is reducing and diminishing in size, it could completely disappear. You can help in reversing this. You can help in making the countries that the Sea sits on: Jordan, Palestine and Israel - take more care of it. And the world be more aware of it. Now, the amazing Sea has reached the 28 finalist of the New7Wonders of Nature. Please vote for it here or go here and click 'HOW TO VOTE' and follow the instructions on how to vote by phone call.

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