31 March, 2010

Donkey business

This was fun watching:

Right in one of the busiest streets and in the middle of Al Mukalla, this donkey appeared.
It blocked vehicles and stopped traffic and no matter what was done, it simply couldn't leave the road. Until a little girl came. The little girl did all she could, chasing it and trying to get it by the road side.
But the donkey would still return to the middle of the road.
And the little girl would give chase and prod it. Some times hitting it lightly with a piece of cloth that she had.

Donkeys are most stubborn, stoical and they seem to be fearless even when alone. Which other animal has such an efficient walking pace? It is difficult to get donkeys to hurry or to slow when you want them to; they always try to keep the same pace, so you have to keep up with them not they with you. Thanks to the little girl, chasing the donkey and with gentle nudges, she did eventually manage to get the donkey off the road and on to safe grounds.