22 March, 2010

Congratulations Mr. Obama and Americans!

Nothing is as comforting and soothing; nothing gives one a sense of immense security and joy like knowing that - there will always be enough food to eat for oneself and those whom one loves; like knowing that, you and your family will always be financially secure. But more than all, maybe - nothing is even more so, like knowing that, if you or any one whom you love gets sick, that person would be taken care of well and properly. Medical bills can be expensive; at times - so high that only a few can afford proper medical care and treatment.

To think or imagine that in a country as rich and as powerful as the US, millions of its citizens, all these years - had to go through extreme desperation and mental agony due to not being able to take care of themselves and their loved ones properly - medically - is beyond belief or understanding. How could such a thing happen in the wealthiest and most powerful nation in the world, when lesser countries have been able to secure their populace, medically?  How can it be, that, in the United States of America, of all places - some of its citizens go through so much pain and suffering just because of a simple toothache, simply because the bills involved for taking care of that toothache is too high for them to afford?

It is with these thoughts in mind, that I do truly share the joy and celebration of those Americans, who for the last few hours have been rejoicing in what Mr. Barack Obama and his team have achieved. Some in America who oppose this noble achievement, whom I consider most selfish, might say - I do not understand the US and that I am a layman when it comes to economics. But, I do understand very well what being in pain and suffering is; I do understand very well, that nothing can be as agonizing and upsetting like being sick or having a loved one being sick and not being able to manage that, financially. And it is with these thoughts in mind, that I say: congratulations to the US President and those who supported him! Come to think of it: it would now be fine for Mr. Obama, a man whom I have admired for a long time, to serve for only one term and leave. He has done what many American presidents have failed, for many years, to achieve. For millions, he has given them the greatest gift of all: should they get ill, they now know they can afford to take care of themselves and they are more secure than they have ever been, medically.