10 October, 2009

Congratulations Mr. Obama!

A few days ago, I was elated that Rio De Janeiro, Brazil was chosen to host the 2016 Summer Olympics; as much as I am a great supporter of Mr. Obama and his views and as much as I felt sad for Mr. and Mrs. Obama for losing the bid for their city - I believe that Brazil should host the games. Not Chicago.

This morning I had some thing to really cheer for, for Mr. Obama: he has been awarded this year's Nobel Peace Price. Having set in motion: the closing of Guantanamo, the withdrawing of troops from Iraq, the process for reducing nuclear weapons worldwide and America's commitment in doing all it can in reversing Climate Change - President Obama very much deserves the Price.

Reaction to his being chosen to receive the Price has been swift and at times, intense: Some called the prize the ultimate endorsement of a great president; others called it evidence that, once again, charisma had trumped results. Some called it a miracle; others called it a joke. Some believed Obama had earned the prize by uniting the country, rewriting black history and redeeming America in the eyes of the world; others said Obama had earned -- and accomplished -- nothing.

I say: congratulations Mr. Obama. You deserve it. The Price will inspire and strengthen you even more. All that you wish and want for your country and the rest of the world, is noble and makes me filled with much hope and joy. Except for Afghanistan. Of all that America is involved in now, how you handle Afghanistan will either be your greatest undoing and blunder, or show how wise and resolved you are. Wish you all the luck Mr. President!