15 May, 2009

Site of Note: Healthy Muslim

It is sad, but a fact that very few Muslim websites are absorbing and interesting enough to capture one's imagination; even fewer are original or innovative. Once in a while, there comes a site that truly shows the best and positive sides of Islam. That show the beauty of Islam. One of those very few sites that I find truly absorbing, informative and useful is: HealthyMuslim.

Any one looking for health tips and information, with reference and relevance to Islamic teachings will find Healthy Muslim very absorbing and full of information. As they say on their site: Healthy Muslim is a a growing online resource that aims to provide coverage on all aspects of health, nutrition and disease with a specific focus on natural health and sound principles of nutrition.

With a simple and yet attractive and neat interface, the site has well organized links, that load up fast to give answers and information on many topics about the importance of good health and sound nutrition. I very much hope, that the site will continue to grow and not only have more and more information but will also continue building confidence in it, by always being reliable and trustworthy.