22 March, 2008

Online Storage

With all the resources that we now have on the Web, there's really no need in spending money, or going through the fuss, on flash disks or storage hardware and devices. There are services now, and most are for free, that allow you to backup and store online, not only files, but most forms of data and documents. Xdrive could be excellent, but unfortunately, it's a service that's exclusively for Americans; that's the problem with Google competitors - unlike Google, they claim to be International but release services and yet many times, refuse to offer them as easily as Google would magnanimously do. Google is rumoured to be working on an "infinite storage" service: Gdrive.

While we wait for Google's product - if it will ever be available, there are many other services that offer online storage, which can be accessed through any Internet connected computer with a web browser any where in the world. No need carrying storage devices or disks from place to place. A few of these services are superb. For some times now, I have been using Mediamax: it's easy to use and offers a huge amount of space in which you can easily store: videos, photos, movies, music and all kinds of other files. Not only does Mediamax allow me to quickly and easily download files and store them; it allows me too, to easily share any files I want to. Try storing online and see how easy and convenient it is.

Photo from: Techcrunch