23 January, 2008

Two Years on...

Today is two years since I began this Blog; a blog that I started without thinking much about/of the shape it would take and what I would write on. But from the beginning, due to my not getting enough information or the misinformation that I got, then, on Hadhramout,on the Internet, in English, I knew that I would mostly write about this part of Arabia. A part that has dramatically changed and moved on with time and at the same time: seemed to have stood still with time and remained completely unchanged for the last twenty or so centuries.

I would like to greatly thank Sabbah, for having been the first to have given me a big encouragement right within the first few days of me starting this site; he Sabbah, might not have thought much of his comment on this blog and his short email to me, then. But those few words, did give me a great boost. And I can not forget, Toot, especially Roba! I will always be thankful to Toot, for having included me on their site just within a few days of me starting this Blog; back then, I had never heard or known of Toot or the vivacious array of Arab blogs out there. Thank you Toot! And thank you, too, Roba, for having been encouraging and always helpful.

I quote from my first post, right at the beginning:

I love Hadhramout! The people; palms and dates; goats and camels; mountains and valleys; sun and sand; fish and dolphins; the sea and the sky; all part of Hadhramout. Hadhramout is my refuge and home. And here in Hadhramout, I: dream, ponder and contemplate of -

Hadhramout, Life, Being and the world at large.

Here follows, words, in writing, reflecting on my thoughts from moment to moment. I will write whatever comes to mind at that moment. And whenever. For how long I will write or can continue writing I do not know; but I will write for as long as I can. Time.

Normally, when at home, I prefer writing posts early in the mornings; otherwise, wherever else I am in, I find - the evenings, after a fast brisk walk, most suitable for thinking, contemplating and reading; and writing here. My thoughts and writings here, after a thought or an idea comes up, usually occur on the spur of that moment. There is so much I would like to write on, especially about and on Hadhramout. With time and health, I will. Insha Allah.