24 November, 2007

Is Apple's Safari The Fastest Browser?

Most of what Apple says about its latest browser: Safari 3 (which has support for Windows XP and Windows Vista and released just 5 months ago), is true. For the last few days, I have been using it most of the time - and I have to say I love it! It has a 'blazing performance' just as Apple says; it's very fast and, overall, loads very fast, at times faster than even the highly acclaimed Firefox; and best of all and what I like most about the Safari 3 is that, it has a very 'clean' and 'elegant' interface. 'Cleaner' than any of the other browsers.

Gone are the days when we were stuck with Internet Explorer only; now we can choose from the four main browsers. I do love Firefox, but oddly enough still use IE most - may be due to having been used to it for so long; I don't find Opera that much to my liking and taste. As for Safari, I believe it will become just as strong and preferred as Firefox and its browser usage share, will keep on climbing. Apple is 'spreading its wings'; now, it doesn't only have the iPhone and iPod used Worldwide. I am certain that Safari will be used by even a much larger number of people as time goes on. And who knows: may be, it or Firefox will one day overtake Internet Explorer as the preferred browser.