03 May, 2007

The Next French Revolution

For me, France has always been a role model country. A country with one of the best constitutions and a unique democratic and voting system; and a people, though considered arrogant - a people, I have found to be most friendly and real fulfilling to know and befriend. Of all the 'Westerners' that I have known and come in contact with, few are as well read as the French; and knowledgeable about the world as they. And which other country has been the home for as many of some of the most known personalities and revolutionaries of our time, as France? Be it people in: politics or philosophy or arts or music - many of some of the World's most famous (or notorious) have at one time or another, made France their home: Khomeini, Picasso, Van Gogh, Stravinsky, Dali, Hemingway and even Pol Pot; and many others.

Soon: the French, this well read, cultured electorate - will vote to elect their next president. Whether Segolene Royal or Nicolas Sarkozy wins, is not of much importance now; may be for the French. Whoever wins, of the two, will be making history. And that person, will be the most powerful in France, who will be steering that country to/for the future. If it is Segolene, then she will be the first female French president in history, and if it is Nicolas - then, he would be the first Frenchman of foreign descent to head France. And either, would be leading France to a new era.

Can either, maintain the same independent France that De Gaulle gave France? Can either, continue having France as part of NATO and still independent of it, as before? Chirac stood firmly and determinedly against Bush's foreign 'adventures'; can either do the same? Since The Fifth Republic was formed, France has always symbolised liberty and freedom for its people and a multitude of others out of France; one can only hope that the next French president will make that symbol stronger and still meaningful.