29 December, 2006

Justice or Revenge or an 'important milestone'?

No body disputes the fact that Saddam Hussein was a dictator; no body disputes the fact that many people died and suffered under his rule. But it doesn't require one to understand law and justice to realise that - his 'trial' was all but a political show and a poorly managed one at that. Right from the beginning of the 'trial' (show?) to his death today, it's Saddam who seems to have towered over and dominated the whole procedure; the 'trial' sessions, were more of a very poorly managed stage drama than what we were being led to believe. While at the same time, through out Iraq - people continued and are still continuing to die in large numbers and the suffering only intensifies.

As for the 'trial' serving justice for Iraq, as Anas Altikriti rightly points out: Saddam Hussein is not the main cause for all that has happened in Iraq for the last two to three decades. Many foreign leaders and entities, Western ones in particular - supported, aided, funded and instigated most of what has caused and been causing all the pain and suffering that we have witnessed and continue to see going on in Iraq. And yet - the foreign leaders and entities are free; free, after enormously profiting from Iraq, and who still continue to make the Iraqis live in chaos and anarchy - while their wealth is being plundered.

Talking of justice - why hasn't Ariel Sharon been tried for all the crimes he has committed? Shouldn't Ehud Olmert and his aides too, not be tried for all the destruction, deaths and suffering that they have caused to the people of Palestine and Lebanon? Shouldn't all the Western and foreign leaders involved and all those who have funded and aided the military and war machines in Iraq right from the 1980s to date - be, too, put on trial and sentenced?

It all depends on how one interprets: 'justice'. For some, what is happening in Iraq is 'an important milestone'; for the people of Iraq, the most important 'milestones' they dream of and very much hope for - are: security and peace; and to be able to benefit and enjoy the undoubted abundant wealth that their country has.