22 September, 2006

The Paradox Of Life

Who doesn't love living? If any, very few indeed! And yet: should any body be given the chance of reliving his/her life again; exactly, to the dot, as he/she had lived it before - how many would accept that? I believe non! Non of us wants to experience the: losses, pain, heartache and frustrations that we have gone through; of which, life is most of!

We would be delighted and most willing to have extra years added to our lives, even immortality - as long as that life would offer the unknown. As long as we do not know what lies ahead. Life is uninteresting if we know what to expect or if we can see exactly what lies ahead; it becomes even more so, if we are to relive the same life that we have already gone through.

And should one be asked:"so, considering your whole life, the way it has been - is life worth it? Would you have agreed to live if you had known how, exactly, it would be?" The answer to this, I believe, would be most subjective.

Personally: my answer, would be -"yes, it has been worth it. And yes, I would have agreed to life." Still, when I think of all the heartaches, frustrations, pains, losses and what I have seen around - I find life, at times, extremely frustrating and worthless. It is not my own pain, frustrations, losses - that disillusion me with life most - it is what life and what the world is all about, that most frustrates me.

The extreme: poverty, hunger and what accompanies them; diseases and extreme suffering that are all around. All these, make life, many times, very unbearable. The greatest being here, in life: Man, is the most discouraging, for me. Man, is, on the whole: senselessly selfish and destructive! Almost nothing living, has escaped the wrath and destructive nature and doings of Mankind.

Consider: the very, very few who have so much in wealth and material, and yet still want much, much more and aren't willing to share what they have with the needy. Consider: the 'leaders' who live lavishly, extravagantly - and yet their citizens languish in poverty and hunger. Consider: the human traffickers; the pedophiles; and those with sick minds, but not insane, who get pleasure from - making others, including animals, suffer and pain. Consider the many employers, who treat their employees no better than slaves; consider the men, who have no qualms against causing pain and suffering to their spouses and families; and consider - the enormous disparity in wealth and material possession, between individuals and nations. All these, make life extremely discouraging and at times - worthless.

But - for me, the most discouraging of all, is to see great, noble causes like religions and ideologies, being used to serve certain agendas and goals, completely different and contrary to what these religions and ideologies are supposedly for or are meant to be. To see certain people hypocritically using these religions and ideologies, for their own agendas and selfish purposes. Of which, many times, these agendas and goals can be very wicked and evil.

Still, I at times am encouraged and feel that life is every bit worth it. The most encouraging, is: to know that, there are those who love and care for me just as I do for them: my family, most of all. And to know too, that - the world has some very wonderful, noble people who are positively creative, giving and make life every bit worth it. A few, of whom, I have had the fortune and luck of meeting or knowing. And last but most of all: I am most encouraged by my absolute belief in God, The Creator, Who Knows why life IS so and what is next.