29 June, 2006

Dairy Of A Mother

One of the blogs that I regularly read is: Raising Yousouf. 'This blog is about raising my son Yousuf in the occupied Gaza Strip while working as a journalist, and everything that entails from potty training to border crossings. Together, we endure a lot, and the personal becomes political. This is our story.' Is how Laila, the author, describes the blog.

Laila writes superbly and is excellent with words. It has not been easy for me reading her posts: most of which are very disturbing, sad and heart-wrenching! Her last post: Bracing for the worst-electricity cut off, bridges bombed, sonic boom attacks resume - has had 111 comments so far! Heated, confrontational and at times very abusive comments - by conflicting sides!

But of all those comments, it is this, that sums up my feelings and I do agree with:

"Stargoat said...
Near as I can tell, Israel is collectively punishing a group of 1.3 million civilians this evening for the capture of a single soldier. Dozens will die this evening because of the loss of power. If water is not restored soon, that number will rise to hundreds. It will not be the Palestinians with Harvard educations who die. It will not be the freedom fighters, the terrorists, or the police men. It will be the poor, the elderly, the women, the child: those least able to defend themselves. It will be they who die.

Some time ago, the world community came to the conclusion that it is immoral for a group of people to be targeted for the actions of a view. It has been immoral in Europe and the Middle East since the Middle Ages to target a group of people for actions that their government did not commit or support. We even set up a world governing body, twice, to end these sorts of travesties of modernity. It did not, and it does not act.

Israel's actions are the actions of a well fed and strong bully. They impose their will subjectively. Instead of knocking over all stones and salting the land at once, it is happening slowly.

We citizens of the world tolerate this today in Palestine. Henry Kissinger showed us in the 70s how to control Israel. But the United States has no will to do this. The only people who win through this inaction are the terrorists and the terrorists.

The slaughter will continue for as long as Americans do not realize that they are funding it. Americans often ask why the world hates them. The answer is obvious. The world watches the evening news.

This is our doing."

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