22 March, 2006


The best thing about aging, is - one becomes much wiser and more relaxed; one too, knows how to enjoy and celebrate life in a much more fulfilling way. Otherwise, physically - growing older, is a downhill ride. I find that, the older I grow, the faster time seems to move too.

Looking back, there are many things I did, I shouldn't have done. Still, I have no regrets. I have learnt, and now I can use each moment in a much wiser way and in a much more fulfilling way. I know too, that as time goes, I do enjoy and celebrate living much more than each previous past moment.

True, all around, there are lots of - sufferings, pains and all kinds of dark forces at work; there is - poverty, hunger, diseases and wars all around. That is the way of Man: destructive, and senselessly selfish and greedy.

Still, I do enjoy and celebrate living. And aging has made me realize that, the best things in life are the very simple things and are easy to get or find. Things like: appreciating ones family and having a good time with them; smiling; being good and giving good, which gives one the same in return; enjoying a meal, no matter how simple it is; appreciating and enjoying the everyday wonders of nature - rain drops, the flight of birds, the radiance of a flower, the sound of leaves dropping from a tree, the sight and sound of ocean waves, the sight of Children laughing and seeing them play, the moon and the stars shining at night, dusk and dawn; and life itself. All, make life every bit worth it.

"We come to this world crying, while all around us are smiling; may we so live in such a way that we leave this world smiling while everybody around us is weeping" - an old Persian saying. I very much hope that I do leave this world smiling. I am working on it. That last moment, I hope to leave this world smiling.